Society has experienced a more dramatic, flexible and spontaneous transition of social roles between the male and female genders in recent times compared to the early periods in history. In spite the changes, many still find the concept of women and power quite oxymoronic.


This body of work explores the concept of women and power, bringing to bare the reality of the times we live in pertaining to our idea of gender roles and privileges.


It challenges the generally accepted notion of a woman’s so-called position in the society, especially in the sphere of leadership; how that power has so long been a “man’s thing” that it influences how we see women who rise up to positions of influence and leadership. It has often been difficult to accept the possibility of a woman to wield or walk in the corridors of power without referencing her gender.


In recent events, we have seen proofs of the impact of women in various spheres of the society. We have seen many trailblazers emerge and stepped into powerful roles normally occupied by men. We now live in a world of female vice-presidents, fighter pilots, supreme court judges etc. The world needs to be prepared to accept and accommodate these changes.